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  1. BB's Cat and Lawson still going strong three years later
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  3. BB's Cat and Lawson still going strong three years later | Daily Mail Online

SHE had more romances in the Big Brother house than any other contestant. While he originally pledged to put the money towards opening a bar if he won, Ginns said he would now consider his options and spend the cash prize more wisely.

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One thing the money will allow the Sydney based graphic designer to do is visit his family in Queensland more often, especially to spend time with his mother, who has multiple sclerosis. He and his parents had an emotional reunion after he was crowned winner, and he said they were never far from his mind. She has a glow to her.

She was diagnosed about seven years ago now. Runner up Lunardi, 24, said he still felt like a winner after falling for fellow housemate Aisha McKinnon, and was looking forward to spending time with her away from the cameras. Big Brother runner up Travis Lunardi locks lips with girlfriend Aisha McKinnon after the pair were reunited at the finale.

BB's Cat and Lawson still going strong three years later

You were clearly a very popular player on your own, but what does your family think about a big part of your new fame being tied to the Zankie relationship? My whole family loves Frankie. My mom, my dad, my brother, my cousin—they all love Frankie. I feel like I did inspire some straight people to embrace gay people.

You can be straight and have a gay best friend. As far as the game goes, as far as my relationship with Frankie, my personality, my character—my family is very proud of me.

You showed a national audience that you can be best friends with a gay man, you can love a gay man, and you can even cuddle in bed with a gay man, and still be secure in yourself. What sort of impact do you think that has, particularly on straight culture? I was never afraid that he would try to kiss me. We met at Starbucks. I was just around town and we met and just talked.

It was a great experience. I had a great time, I loved every second of it and I plan on doing more of it in the future.

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What do you think your relationship with Frankie will be moving forward? Will you see a lot of him? I would love to do Amazing Race with Frankie. It would be great.


Or we thought we were. Everyone in the world. I was extremely surprised to find out how big Zankie was.

BB's Cat and Lawson still going strong three years later | Daily Mail Online

What have people said to you? Whom should you have trusted? You had a reunion with Frankie this weekend, right?

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I saw him yesterday. How did it go? What did you do?