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I say this so that he knows that you come from a good home.

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That you are decent, and that you are not just around for fun. If God forbid anything was to happen on the road, who would know where I am. Parents also are very good at seeing what you refuse to see because you are so wrapped up into the getting to know each other stage. He should definitely meet the parents before he takes you to bed, so he knows that if there are consequences if all he wants is a hit and run.

Tell him what you want up front — Some people say this is a no, no, but I think it is best to put all your cards on the table. Some ladies are up for a good time, in fact there are a lot of girls who are just looking for a good time providing you provide money for their MTN credit. Keep a little bit of mystery, because anything you do so will be used against you. I hate it when I go out and the guy opens the door for himself and kind of leaves you to fend for yourself.

Make him know that he needs to be opening doors and pulling out chairs for you. If he sweet talked you into going out on a date, he needs to be doing the gentlemanly duties. Sex — the big elephant in the room in the beginning of all relationships. How long do I keep him waiting before I give him the cookie? I have to admit, for me, it is true what they say about women and their libido. The older you get, the more you want it. Coupled with the fact that it has been so long since I got laid, a guy just needs to step on my toe and I get a sensation.

But really, Mr Harvey put it simply, when you first start a job, you are put on probation for at least 90 days, you are confirmed once you have proved that you are up to doing the job. So, now that he has talked the talk, he has 3 months to walk the walk. Im a Filipina dating a Ghanian man. So I guess I can call myswlf his girlfriend now.

2. Beautiful and Stylish Coiffure

Would love to hear how it turned out for you! So many guys I meet just want to skip that part, and go straight into the relationship. I also agree with the part about going with the flow. By using the app, you increase your chances of meeting someone while out. Check it out when you have a chance — http: I loved what you wrote.

I think its spot on and gave me a lot to think about recently started dating a Ghanaian guy. I have hard time trusting, men in particular. A bit crazy I know. I currently live in the United States he goes to school here as well but he goes home Ghaba every major break. We talk everyday videochat when we can. Im glad that we have a couple of months before getting intimate or anything like that. This time around I stepped out of my comfort zone.

The more I talk to him and learn about him he becomes more s attractive. I guess I worried about what my family and friends will think. Reblogged this on poemsbysholaanyi. I sooo love this piece you wrote and how your humor and personality show through. So excited to find your blog…I was looking for info on if guys from Ghana are playas! And came across your post. I think I found my answer though.

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Like Suzanne, I was also looking to see what kind of playas Ghanian men are. He was already talking like we were a couple. A bit of a debate ensued as I told him I would not let him come into my home, but we could meet outside somewhere you know, like a date or something silly like that , and he got all preachy about trust issues and how I needed to have faith. Is this normal for Ghana men? This happened to me before with another African. They're more for you to think about and do your own research before he returns.

Knowing more about Ghanaian society might be helpful - particularly about family life, marriage and "marriage. Where is he from in Ghana?

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  • In a long term relationship with a Ghanian Man - Accra Forum.
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A village, the north, etc? How many wives or "wives" does his father, any brothers or friends, have? The sizeable Muslim minority has many people who adhere to the "maximum 4 wives" there are additional details tradition. Non-muslims have a different tradition. No limit on the number of wives a man may have more rules, such as being able to support them but that concept may also have a different context than you would think at first.

I once worked at a civil service office in Ghana, which had about people working from it. Most were in villages, doing field work. Most of them had worked at other field sites previously, and had "wives" in each of those locations. If a woman expresses interest in a man and asks when she can come pay him a visit, and he replies "I'm married. The answer could be "I'm married, but my wife stays at her parents' house especially on weekdays, so why don't you come by on Tuesday?

Important people are often asked to help out. One who is in charge of an office, and has hiring authority may be asked to give jobs to this nephew or that cousin. Important male members of a community may be asked to marry this or that woman, to help out. Maybe they were widowed, or are "unmarriageable" for whatever possible reason. Although officially only men could have multiple spouses, it is hardly unheard of for women to have affairs on the side.

So the situation is less one-sided than it may appear, at least for some folks. In short, a marriage as you describe may not be as much an issue for your friend as for you. Also, his perspective may differ from yours and from community laws in much of the world about polygamy - as the issue is treated differently in Ghana. It would be a good idea to read up on Ghanaian customs re: Many of those customs are very different from what you might expect.

This is a book series now discontinued designed to prepare Americans planning to live overseas on the background of a country. Reading this book could help you. To answer your question, Patrice, his family isn't against you or anything.

In a long term relationship with a Ghanian Man - Accra Forum - TripAdvisor

Most likely the marriage was with his full consent and probably to his old girlfriend. If he was 24 it would be one thing, but in modern Ghana , a father can't force a grown, self-reliant man of 34 to marry against his will. Do not be fooled. This man wants to have his cake and eat it too. And even more, he loves to be the source of that smile.

There is a general saying that the hair is the glory and beauty of a woman.

7 Peculiar Things Ghanaian Guys Notice First in a Woman

Ghanaian guys can really tell if a lady has the right hairstyle. You may not know this, but you can get any man you want just with your eyes. We may not need to emphasize so much on this as we believe every lady here in Ghana knows the role her figure plays when it comes to being noticed by a guy. Thin waists and broader hips are usually associated with fertility as well as sexual pleasure and prowess, which are among the things every guy desires.