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Roger Smith is well known for his studies of Stanley plane dates. The catalog dates are the only concrete dates I've found, because as discussed in other threads, the change over of logos was not instantaneous for all tools or even one tool in Starrett's line. Starrett manufacturing is 'piece-work' and old and new parts were intermixed, sometimes for years!

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Old dies for marking were used past logo change dates until they wore out. Even catalog cuts went unchanged for one or more catalogs. Roger sold me a bunch of early catalogs and they clearly show that Starrett added the "THE" in Indeed, it is not used in catalog 13 and is used in catalog My 13 and 14 catalogs are clear.

I suggest that no matter where else you read about Starrett dates, only the Smith study is accurate. Here is the Roger Smith Study: Originally Posted by AntiqueMac.

L. S. Starrett Company

Thanks for posting the Smith study! I'm sure all Starrett collectors will e delighted to have this.

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Do you know of any source for reprints of early pre no. I know about Cope, but would love to have the in between catalogs. Thanks for posting this study by Smith.

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Do you know of any source for reprints of Starrett catalogs from say No. Are any available on line besides Rose tool?

Starrett Tools

Hugh, Sorry, I don't know of any other sources for Starrett catalogs. I know that at least one of us on this group has a copy of Starrett catalog 1. It is actually a folded pamphlet, not really a catalog. And, I personally have never seen the catalog. Is that correct Rivett?

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Have I ever seen these?? Old catalogs are fun. I've owned many of mine for maybe 20 years ever since I bought them from Roger. That was in the days when only Rivett, me and maybe a others bought old machinist stuff at New England tool sales. And even though I have gone thru all my catalogs regularly, I keep learning more and am often surprised by some feature or even tool that I missed.

Thanks, Tom cc i It's a more modern tool!

But from the 20's, 30's or even 50's, I can't say - at least without seeing it. And maybe even then, I couldn't tell.

Dating Starrett tools is not now an exact science like Stanley planes. I've discussed my "type study" of their early rules with a fews folks who are knowledgeable and it seems to hold. There are few study rules available to me with provenance and Starrett catalog "cuts" are not to be trusted as entirely accurate based on evidence. The only rules that my abortive study holds for are early ones - that is all I was really interested in anyway. And it is the way the lines and numbers are incised or photo'ed onto them that tells their age.

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But they are likely to be Satin finished - modern! Sorry it isn't more precise. Maybe someone else has a better feel or has finished a study. Studies are tough to complete without seeing a large number of the type of tools being studied. Unfortunately, the early Starrett stuff is extremely scare compared to Stanley.

Geeze, I can't even get anyone to own up to a Sargent plane type study and there are at least an order of magnitude more or then around. Guess I should have completed the whole Digest first. It is the 0 "Mechanics Badge". What you describe is the trademark Starrett Logo.

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I have not noticed when it first appeared on tools, but I have a catalog 17 with it on the cover and catalog 19 ca.